1. Always Call Home Cam

In September 2020, Ring introduced an interesting new product for home security systems. If traditional video surveillance cameras transmit images from stationary points, then the camera-drone always home Cam flies around the Home, conducting video recording. And while you are at work, you can see in real time on your smartphone screen what is happening at home. The device is completely autonomous: during the first flights, it independently creates a map of the location and determines the patrol route. However, the user can also set the following algorithm itself. In addition, the drone camera can be configured so that it rises into the air when the alarm is triggered.

Always use home Cam Brings home security to a new level. For example, without returning home from half the way, you can check whether irons are turned off, and whether the windows are closed, by sending a command to the drone to fly around the premises via a smartphone. And in a large house, the device will allow you to close all the “blind” zones, while saving on the number of cameras. Completely from stationary models to refuse will not work, as the robber can break the drone. But some of the usual cameras flying device quite successfully replace.


2. Reon Pocket

For the Summer Olympics of 2020, which was to be held in Japan, Sony has developed an interesting device Reon pocket. The compact flat-screen device is placed in a special pocket on the back, at the base of the neck, and is almost invisible from the outside. The principle of operation of the device is based on the use of the Peltier effect, and it acts as a heating or air conditioning, depending on weather conditions.

The device is controlled via an app on a smartphone, which is connected via Bluetooth. The temperature can be set manually or select the automatic mode, then Reon Pocket will reduce or increase the degree, focusing on the motion sensors. the device works in the silent and in the active state keeps a charge of about 2.5 hours in the cooling mode, and 2 hours-when heated.

Cognitive fact from Novate.ru: the Peltier effect is a thermoelectric phenomenon of Energy Transfer between two different conductors when an electric current passes through them. At the point of contact with the elements, the potential difference creates a contact field. When the current goes towards the contact field, additional energy is released, which leads to heating. And in the opposite direction, on the contrary, energy is taken away and cooling occurs. This effect was discovered by the French physicist Jean Charles Peltier in 1834.


3. Kalea

The Kalea device, developed by German engineers, will be appreciated by avid gardeners and lovers of domestic plants. Looking outwardly like a normal trash can, in fact it is a high-tech container where food waste is processed into the compost. Further process of transformation into fertilizer is significantly accelerated, and it takes only two days. First, the waste that goes into the first chamber from the receiving container, where it is crushed and dried. Then prepared mass is transported to other rooms with a special microclimate, which increases the metabolism of the” garbage “micro-organisms so much that they process organic matter into compost on a” Stakhanovian ” pace. Upon completion of the work, the tank sends a signal to the smartphone, and the user can only get a detachable container and pour fertilizer on the bed or in a flower pot.

Note that when using Kalea, there will be no unpleasant odor inherent in compost piles in the kitchen. The Recycle Bin is equipped with a special air filtration system with replaceable filters.


4. Kibus

A Spanish oppstart has utviklet a enhet which significant fits life pet eiere. With Kibus, you do not need to pickle mat two times a day, it’s just to load the container: two kilos of dry mat is filled in one rum, and four liters of vann flowed inn in the other. Deretter kontrollpanel shows fôring time, indicates vekt on the part and that’s all, the enheten as tar seg av resten. At the appointed hour, the device will warm the van, mix it with the mat, serve it in a bowl and call animals to eat with a musical signal. Prosessen with matlaging mixture takes just six minutes. Kibus also automatically oppdager presence av vann in drinking cups and fill if necessary.


5. Googstick

Despite the development of Technology, paper data carriers continue to exist. And if there is an incomprehensible term, then you need to search for information in Google by typing a word on the keyboard. The Googstick gadget eliminates this work by turning all paper sheets into a touch surface. The device looks like a small cylinder and is attached to the table with the help of suction cups, so that the camera located in the upper part looks at the book. Gadget is synchronized with the program on any device-a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC, and then you just need to point your finger at the right word. Using the camera, Googstick calculates it and immediately sends it to a search engine or translator. In addition to individual words, you can select whole paragraphs, and save the text in electronic form.

The module supports 12 input languages, allowing you to read the original works of foreign classics or works of foreign researchers. It is a pity that Googstick is currently temporarily unavailable due to an intangible asset dispute.