High technology for a comfortable life: five interesting innovations

1. Always Call Home Cam

In September 2020, Ring introduced an interesting new product for home security systems. If traditional video surveillance cameras transmit images from stationary points, then the camera-drone always home Cam flies around the Home, conducting video recording. And while you are at work, you can see in real time on your smartphone screen what is happening at home. The device is completely autonomous: during the first flights, it independently creates a map of the location and determines the patrol route. However, the user can also set the following algorithm itself. In addition, the drone camera can be configured so that it rises into the air when the alarm is triggered.

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The first ever quantum chess tournament was held in the world


As part of the sp2b 2020 virtual conference on quantum computing, an official “quantum chess” tournament was hosted for the first time in history. the winner was alexander kubica of amazon, who beat doug’s load of google. the latter do not have enough time to make the necessary calculations.

The author of this game is Chris Cantwell of Quantum Realm Games, who came up with it when he was a graduate student studying quantum mechanics. He wanted to transfer complex principles of quantum physics to the real world, adapting them for some practical application, but to preserve quantum nature itself. The choice fell on chess, as a game in which there is an almost infinite variety of situations on the field, so the player must be able to anticipate events and take into account the different probabilities of its occurrence. Just like in quantum computing.

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