Testing with the Stars

What it is

"Testing with the Stars" (loosely modeled on the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars") is a testing competition quite like Programming with the Stars held in Agile2009. The purpose of the competition is to promote testing skills, techniques and how a tester can help agile team to build software that matters. For someone. And to have fun! The pairs will show their best talent on 4 pre-defined categories.

The competition provides unique set of 29 edu-taining demonstrations, each promoting an important aspect of testing, found important by the contestants.

When & where

Tuesday May 15th 2012 from 9:30 to 16:30
Finals on Wednesday May 16th 2012

How it works

Each pair will have a 10 minute window to demonstrate something they find valuable in a pre-defined category. The pairs will have time to do a fair amount of prep work to pull something off in the given time. Pairs will work on their choice of tools, technology stacks, languages, and code bases.

After the 10 minute demonstration, the judges will provide feedback and score on the show. The audience then gets to give their scores to the contestants to a Big Visible Leaderboard. Three best will continue the journey on Wednesday in semi-finals and finals and to the Big Stages.

Competition categories

Each pair will prepare a demonstration of each of the following categories:

  • Testing strategy in 10 minutes - how to define a testing strategy in 10 minutes
  • BDD - how to create executable specifications
  • Exploratory Testing - tips, tricks and the fanciest heuristics
  • Own special 'dance' - the contestants gets to choose whatever they want to show for the judges and audience.


Interested in supporting the community and sponsor the competition by introducing a prizes? Contact us - info@turkuagileday.fi.

Judging criteria

The audience will have a vote, as does the expert judges. Just like in the TV show



The pairs are:

  • Ru Cindrea & Ulrika Malmgren
  • Anssi Lehtelä & Tom Leppälahti
  • Petteri Lyytinen & Jenna-Riia Karhunen
  • Pekka Marjamäki & Sergey Moshnikov
  • Maaret Pyhäjärvi & Henrik Juvonen
  • Juha Rantanen & Anssi Kinnunen