May 13th

8:30 Registration starts (coffee)
9:00 Opening words

Bob Marshall

The Antimatter Principle


Torbjörn Gyllebring

The Reverse Conway - organizational hacking for techies

Pia-Maria Thóren

David Harvey

What your mother should have told you about startups

Aki Salmi

Refactoring legacy code


Antti Virtanen

New agile model for public sector

Ville Ruuskanen

Case: Scrum and Legacy - Then and Now

Seppo Tuomivaara & Marja Känsälä

Do agile methods promote well-being at work?

Matthew McCullough

Agile-ish Life at GitHub

12:15 Lunch

Tapio Järvenpää

Also top management needs to be agile!

AgiES project

Embedded Agile Principles & Experiences

Open Space

Lauri Fjällström

Did we really understand what testing means to us?

14:15 Afternoon coffee

Janne Sinivirta

All Hands on Deck - Introduction to Lean Architecture

Riina Hellström

Social Neuroscience of Agile Transformations - Team's Gain & Manager's Pain

Open Space

Aleksis Tulonen

How to think like an Exploratory tester


Bjarte Bogsnes

Beyond Budgeting - an agile management model for new business and people realities

16:30 Closing words